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    MapStand is a boutique research company that unlocks opportunities in Energy Transition for our Customers

    MapStand provides geospatial data and insights covering power generation, transmission and energy infrastructure. We specialise in decarbonisation, including emerging technologies like hydrogen and CCUS. Our interactive mapping, data visualisation, and analysis tools are specifically designed to accelerate decision-making. 

    We are dedicated to removing barriers that stand in the way of innovation by providing a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the entire global energy sector. Our platform enables users to stay informed and make data-driven decisions about their projects and investments. Our goal is to make essential energy industry information open and accessible to support an efficient energy transition.


    MapStand’s global database includes 3 key topics: Power Infrastructure, Energy Transition, and Energy Infrastructure. Our datasets are updated several times a day from trustworthy sources, so you can rely on the accuracy of our data.

    power infrastructure

    Power Infrastructure

    Our global power infrastructure datasets give a comprehensive overview of electrification by tracking fossil-fuel sources of power - like coal, oil and gas- and electricity generated from renewable energy sources, like solar, wind, hydro and geothermal.

    Key Power Infrastructure datasets include Power Cables, Substations, Renewable and Conventional Power Plants plus specialist wind datasets including Windfarms, Wind Turbines, Wind Development Zones, and Rounds.

    energy transition

    Energy Transition

    Delivering net zero will significantly increase electricity demand but will also require the decarbonisation of hard-to-electrify sectors and lower emissions associated with carbon-based fuels. This transition will involve the increased adoption of emerging technologies such as Hydrogen and CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage). Our Energy Transition datasets will allow you to track changes in the energy industry and gain a full overview of the sector as it evolves.

    Key Energy Transition datasets include CCUS projects, Hydrogen Projects, Hydrogen Pipelines, CO2 Pipelines, CCS Licences and Hydrogen Storage.

    oil and gas

    Energy Infrastructure

    Our upstream oil and gas geospatial layers provide full visibility of Oil and Gas exploration and production activities around the world.

    Key Oil and Gas datasets include Blocks and Licences, Licensing Rounds, Accumulations and Prospects, Boreholes, Seismic Surveys, Pipelines, Terminals, Refineries, Rigs, Vessels and Platforms.


    MapStand is made up of 3 main solutions: MapStand Platform, MapStand Hub & MapStand Geotagged Newsfeed API.


    MapStand Platform - Free Preview of our Core Datasets

    • Provides a free preview of our global energy infrastructure datasets.
    • Gain unparalleled insights and understanding of the global energy industry as it evolves.
    • Features include a geotagged newsfeed, a multi-layered search feature, one-click company asset summaries, and detailed country overviews.

    MapStand HUB - Our Enterprise Platform

    • Access additional Energy Transition datasets not available via MapStand Platform.
    • Download and keep MapStand layers or integrate your own.
    • Use web-based mapping and analysis tools.
    • Create custom queries and filters.
    • Build, save, and share custom web maps and analysis dashboards.
    • API-OGC web services.

    Geo-tagged Newsfeed API

    • Stay up-to-date with the latest activities without trawling multiple sites.
    • Receive news on upstream, midstream and downstream companies, lease rounds, bids, and more.
    • Easy integration with your existing software.


    What our subscribers are saying about MapStand.

    It's All At My Fingertips

    MapStand gives me near-instant access to critical information as I need it – well info, client blocks, current activity… it’s all at my fingertips without waiting for cumbersome mapping packages to update and load.

    VP of Project Development
    Multi-Client Seismic Company

    Invaluable resource in running Acquisitions and Divestitures

    Quick and easy ability to see what is happening, where it’s happening, and who is nearby is an invaluable resource in running Acquisitions and Divestitures.

    Oil and Gas Financial Advisors

    Detailed mapping is key for us to maintain a leading position

    Detailed mapping of the accelerating CCUS market is key for Aker Carbon Capture to maintain a leading position, and the combination of MapStand’s innovative minds and data handling capacity is key for us to develop the tools needed.

    Aker Carbon Capture

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